Our Company

Family owned and operated since 1992, ACS has built a stellar reputation by delivering superior customer service and exceptional quality. Throughout our 20 year history we have grown from one location in Paterson, NJ to 28 service centers in 11 states. You will find knowledgeable professionals, skilled craftsman and a can-do attitude at each and every location.

ACS Renovations didn’t become one of the finest team of professionals in the country by accident. Our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities each project contains. ACS Renovations is committed to excellence at each stage of the project from initial consultation, through interior design and construction.


Robert Santagata, Founder
Joseph Santagata, Founder, CEO


Whether you have a tight deadline, challenging budget or special request, our policy is simple: We say “Yes!”. We believe strongly in doing whatever is necessary to make our clients happy. If a member of our team is unable to say “Yes!”, they must send the request up their chain of command for evaluation by senior leadership. This ensures you have the focus and attention of our team each and every step of the way.